Interview Preparation

Interviews are a crucial part of landing the job.  It is important to prepare yourself properly.

We will normally ring you for a phone interview before arranging a more formal interview which may well be online.

Our phone calls will normally last around 5  minutes. It will be important to find a quiet place away from disruptions of children, TV, and noise so that you can concentrate on the phone call.
When we call you , we will be assessing how you present yourselves to us. We will be looking to make sure that you can communicate to us well in English, as this is a pretty important as most of the roles we recruit for requires customer service and/or sales skills.

You should also expect us to ask you about
• your availability to work, the hours you can work and questions about your current role
• your wage and salary expectations
• your ability to work in New Zealand
• your work experience & any gaps on your CV

We also expect that you agree to an interview, that you have prepared yourselves.  This will include having taken the time to learn about the position and the  Company, to have some questions prepared and also to be able to confidently talk about your CV and experience.
Again, there are plenty of good online resources to help you get prepared before an interview.

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